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The latest development in the world of pop up

Pop Up Pages

Pop Up Pages
By Bec McHenry
14th November,2013

As the world of pop up develops, new ways of popping up are developing with it. Now, many different industries have begun engaging with and leverage the power of pop up in their own, unique ways.

Real Estate is one such industry, with pop up rapidly becoming a viable alternative for property owners and managers looking to fill vacant commercial space.

However, the real estate industry is not simply standing on the side lines passively watching others ‘pop in’. In fact, there are a growing number of examples of pop ups being activated by and for members of the property industry.

In particular, property developers have begun using pop up techniques in the marketing, promotion and sale of their new developments.

And when you think about it, it’s a perfect fit – for the following reasons:

  • Developers often spend long periods waiting for permits and building plans to be completed in the early phases of development. Therefore, sites are left dormant and empty, making them perfect locations for pop ups to take place.
  • Developers are selling properties (and lifestyles) that do not exist– yet. So pop up provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate what buyers can expects from owning one of their properties.
  • Developers rely on their reputation – it is the foundation of successful projects. Hosting pop ups gives them the opportunity to increase brand awareness and legitimacy, engage new audiences and potential buyers, and strengthen their presence in the industry.
  • Developers need to dare to be different in order to remain at the head of the property pack. Pop up provides an effective way for them to highlight and emphasise their points of difference, and separate themselves from their competitors.

Kat Smith, Marketing Manager at Little Projects, fully embraced the power of pop up to launch one of the group’s latest developments – Live Brunswick East.

Importantly, with or without pop up, Little Projects is known for its pioneering developments – which can be found all across Melbourne. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that pop up has been integrated into their project strategy, as it definitely suits their innovative, enlightened approach to the development of property and curation of lifestyle.

According to Kat, this pop up helped the team connect with the community in Brunswick and establish a valuable presence in the area. Kat goes on to point out that this presence is a lot harder to meaningfully establish these days – “it is no longer enough to put an ad in the paper – the way property is promoted and sold has reached a whole new level.”

With cranes littering the skyline of Melbourne, you can definitely see the need for innovative, disruptive approaches – they help developers establish a presence in a clearly competitive market.

As Kat confirms, “now it’s all about pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations. It’s about creating unique experiences that simulate the lifestyle buyers can expect from living in the development. And it’s not enough just to be on social media either – you have to be generating relevant, curated content that speaks to people.”

And the Live Brunswick East pop up launch – complete with DJ, live music, free coffee and the Taco Truck – definitely exceeded all expectations!

If that was the launch, we can’t wait to see the apartments pop up!

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