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ILK joint winner of 2014 High Density Development UDIA Award

The Urban

The Urban

December 2014 edition

Located close to one of Melbourne’s most iconic intersections (Toorak Road and Chapel Street) ILK South Yarra is a 24-storey mixed-use development.

ILK has been conceived with ‘place making’, ‘event’, ‘environments’, and ‘craft’ as key concepts. This provides a platform for a diverse community to integrate with and make positive contributions to the Toorak Road precinct.

Each part of the architecture responds to its specific location within the site. The building’s facade and forms complement the surrounding commercial and retail precinct while creating a more textured and detailed settling that alludes to the intimate spaces of ILK.

The quality of living that ILK affords is achieved through the considered blend of interior and exterior spaces; apartments are designed for their sense of sanctuary while sharing internal environments foster a sense of community, encouraging interaction and engagement.

ILK contains world-class resort inspired amenity across three separate zones: the ground level, Level 3 and Level 9. The key marketing strategy was the creation of an iconic brand for ILK, which was achieved through a sophisticated display suite, and minimal advertising.

The aim in constructing ILK was to remove the existing building and cross-over to Toorak Road and develop a new structure to reinstate an active street wall to Toorak Road. The design incorporates a podium to reinforce the scale and desired articulation for the broader Toorak Road precinct, as well as a 24-level tower behind it.

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