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Lux&Modern Kew East -June 2015 Project Update

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Settlement is on-track for late-2015.

Since we were last in touch in April, the team at Canny have been making great progress on the construction of Lux&Modern, bringing your new townhouse to life.

Recent construction activities include:

– Framing to each townhouse has been now been completed.

– The installation of each roof is underway.

– In-ground services continue to be installed down the central driveway.

– Scaffolding has been erected to enable installation of cladding to each fa├žade to commence.

As you can see in the photos below, the structure of each individual townhouse is emerging as each home at Lux&Modern continues to take shape.


To keep you updated on the progress of your new home, we will continue to send you regular updates by email. These updates can also be viewed on our Little Projects website within the NEWS section at

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