Little Projects and Rothelowman: An award-winning alliance

Stories | 18 Jul 2018

Little Projects and Rothelowman: An award-winning alliance

Little Projects is the recent recipient of the 2018 Asia Pacific, Best Residential Development in Australia award for its industrially-inspired project, Dux Richmond Hill.

Built to the exacting standards of both Little Projects and Rothelowman, Dux Richmond Hill makes a significant architectural, social and economic contribution to its local community.

The prestigious award makes the project the collaborators’ third award-winning venture since their first development in 2011 with Tip Top Brunswick East. The project was a huge success. It underscored what Little Projects and Rothelowman’s combined expertise could deliver and received multiple awards from industry bodies. After Tip Top, the collaborators went on to deliver Central South Yarra in 2015 which again yielded award-winning results.

Following this, Little Projects’ Construction Director, Paris Lechte and Development Director, Leighton Pyke joined Rothelowman Principal, Stuart Marsland, to discern why this collaboration keeps delivering world-class developments.

Can you describe the working relationship between Little Projects and Rothelowman?

Stuart Marsland: Leighton has often referred to the Rothelowman team as family. It’s a compliment we don’t take flippantly. Both teams are long term players and it’s a true relationship. Just like a family, we laugh together. We are honest with each other, and sometimes we challenge each other. It works because we’re in it together.

Paris Lechte: For us, it’s crucial that a collaboration is genuine. We’ve known the team at Rothelowman for many years. To us it’s clearly evident that both organisations are on the same page when it comes to designing a product that is high quality, creative and functional.


What do you believe is unique about Little Projects as a developer?

SM: Little Projects take deep pride in their work. They want to be associated with what they create, long after completion. To build a legacy, and a reputation that they can carry to the next project. That vested interest and level of integrity makes a notable difference in the standard of development which is delivered.


When Little Projects and Rothelowman commence a new project, is delivering an award-winning product front of mind?

Leighton Pyke: Our priority with every project is to create communities that enhance the lives of our residents and the spaces surrounding our projects. Our residents’ lifestyle is always front-of-mind for us. We ensure every aspect of the project speaks to quality – from the materials we use, the consultants we work with, and the lifestyles we strive to emulate.

The awards and accolades are a proud testament to our dedication and product, but our residents and the wider community come first.


What is unique about your combined approach that yields award winning outcomes for purchasers in contrasting developments such as Central South Yarra, Tip Top Brunswick East and Dux Richmond Hill?

PL: Our designs change for each demographic and location we develop for, and we are proud that each of the developments we have collaborated with Rothelowman on are distinct. However, when it comes down to it, everyone wants to live in a considered space that offers them thoughtful finishes and features to elevate their standard of living. Rothelowman are uncompromising in this.

SM: Though the three developments themselves are unique, what ties them together is that they each cater for a wide range of demographics. From investor residential offerings to multi-storey townhouses, premium apartments, childcare facilities and work places, each project creates a space where a diverse community can thrive.


In your opinion, what elements of Dux Richmond Hill make it an award-winning project?

LP: For us, first and foremost, it’s the architecture. Rothelowman have delivered a design that is modern and uplifting to the surrounding streetscape. It’s also a sympathetic redevelopment that has improved the heritage façade and pays homage to the site’s history both as an industrial factory, and the National Theatre.

SM: What Little Projects have done is create a very liveable community. This long-term viability of the project is what is truly award winning and will continue to yield positive results for those who interact with Dux Richmond Hill in their daily lives.


What does Dux’s win at the International Property Awards mean for Little Projects moving forward?

PL: This award is a reminder that Little Projects is recognised as one of the select few developers with the ability to raise the standard of projects around Melbourne.

It is encouragement for us to continue to create projects of distinction and great quality, and to collaborate with partners like Rothelowman who are able to bring them to fruition.