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Leighton Pyke

With a diverse background across the property industry, Leighton is a lateral thinker. Combining academia with sound industry experience in Architecture and Property Development, Leighton focuses on the underlying fundamentals of a development project with a keen interest in a property’s schematic design and feasibility analysis.

Leighton’s architectural knowledge and eye for detail adds depth to his capacity to understand the design of a project when converting it from a feasibility to a built product.
Leighton knows his way around a feasibility like no other and is able to take these numbers and translate them into innovative built form.

With a rare blend of commercial and design acumen, Leighton gives Little Projects a depth of understanding of a properties viability in a market where many projects are struggling to get off the ground.

Leighton has a commitment to pushing the envelope and finding unique opportunities for new projects, particularly within the acquisition phase.

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