Signature Broadbeach – December 2018 Project News

Project Updates | 19 Dec 2018

Signature Broadbeach – December 2018 Project News

Welcome to the final Signature Broadbeach project update for 2018.

We are pleased to be closing out the year with demolition of the existing building on site now complete. You can view the full demolition video here.

The build contract tender has now closed. We have received applications from multiple top-tier builders, and will now work through our stringent selection process before we officially appoint a builder.

We look forward to continuing to share exciting project milestones and updates with you in 2019.

Little Projects and KM Develop wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.


Thank you to those who were able to join us at the Signature Festive Celebration earlier this month. The evening was a big success, providing a relaxed opportunity for us to celebrate the festive season and thank you for your support.


Throughout the course of the development, we will keep in regular contact with you, providing updates on demolition, construction and settlement, advising you on how you can best be prepared for each phase.

All updates will also be hosted on the Signature Broadbeach website.

If you have an additional email which you would like to receive these updates, please notify us at